The Rejection Connection

I woke up this morning, accidentally hit the email button instead of my snooze button on my phone and was politely informed that one of my submissions had been rejected.

It is one of the most professional rejections I have received. It showed respect.

What a way to wake up!

But instead of complaining, bitching, grumbling, being upset, ready to soak my bed sheets with tears, I simply rolled over, told the husband, ‘I got another rejection.’

He sighed.

But I was smiling. This means I have another opportunity. I have many opportunities. The rejection doesn’t come for poor writing. It’s all about finding the one person who likes my sense of humour, who will take a risk. They are out there.

An epiphany gives me a ding moment. I’m not so fragile anymore. Every writer needs to have a backbone that’s covered in titanium and then sealed with cement.

Just remind yourself that with every rejection there is another opportunity, you just have to find it. And the most important aspect writers should keep is their determination.

Bring on the acceptances. I’m ready.



7 thoughts on “The Rejection Connection

  1. Pete Aldin says:

    Rejections are stepping stones to publication. Love your positive response to this, EJ.

  2. ddigman says:

    Dear EJ,
    It is so encouraging to see a fellow writer accepting rejection so well.

    I have in the past rejected my rejections, feeling dejected with the rejections, that the rejections that deject me are rejections that reject me.
    So you have taught me to accept your rejections as you hope to accept your acceptances, lest you reject your acceptances from having made a habit of rejecting your rejections.

    No more dejection for rejections for me!

    Thank you!

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