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Being all the things I need to be in one day can be exhausting. Some things I dare to say can get neglected. I have a tendency to get a little emotional if I don’t get any sleep the night before. But having no sleep for the last four weeks has totally drained me. Things are breaking down. GPS systems not working when I have two away soccer games I have to get to. Files lost. Blog posts actually. Poof! Gone. Dishwasher’s playing up and somehow that’s my fault. My children have been sick. I’ve been sick. The list goes on … and on … I’m so over it.

So the floors weren’t done today. But at least I managed three months of paperwork for the tax time dreaded BAS tax and GST statements. They’re done!

I washed the dishes and left them on the sink. What’s the big deal? They’ll be put away the next morning.

Then there’s the work side of things. The phone ringing. Always interrupting.

Life can be overwhelming. Some people deal with it better than I do, but today I just found it hard to do any writing. (Until now)

But in order to keep my writing mind ticking over and my sanity from leaping into insanity mode I made a decision. No writing for me. (Except this blog.) Instead, I workshopped three stories for another writer. It calmed me in a way that I hadn’t expected. I went into writer and reader mode. Slipped in so stealthily that I hadn’t realised my blood pressure had gone down.

I knew there was another reason why I love being a writer.

Because I’m in workshopping mode, I’m going to write the next post about workshopping.

Catch you next week; that’s if I haven’t gone to jail for killing my dishwasher.



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