The Rejection Connection

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A writer’s life is full of rejections unless of course you are a rare individual who has every manuscript published the first time, every time. I’ve had a number of rejections, some not as good as others. I prefer the formal rejection. There’s nothing personal, they just didn’t want the story. But I recently received a rejection that, dare I say, made me happy.

I know that you’re probably thinking that I have finally lost my mind. Not yet I haven’t. I think I might be close though.

You see, the rejection letter not only told me why they didn’t want it, but they liked the story. It was a personal reply from the editor. The words she used where encouraging. So I couldn’t help but share the news with my fellow writers and workshoppers.

Here’s the great bit. I couldn’t stop smiling after I heard the news.
A fellow workshopper has sent stories to the same magazine and has never received a personal reply from the editor, just the standard form rejection email. The editor took time out of their busy work schedule to personally let me know that my story idea was “plucky”, but a little too “macho” for their magazine.

The whole attitude of the email was pleasant.

It was my first positive rejection and I hope that it won’t be my last.
Although my story was not accepted by this publisher, I know that it will be accepted by another. No disillusionment here. No more believing I’m not good enough. It’s funny how rejection can actually lift one’s confidence.

Until the next rejection,



2 thoughts on “The Rejection Connection

  1. Tamara says:



    That was amazing to get a personal response from an editor. I found the blog amusing and uplifting. Well done.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I can inspire you to keep on writing.

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