Black Serenade Update:

The air in the room is Vulcan hot. The heat hits me like a solar flare that’s been trapped in my living room and is dying to be released and the only way out is through me. I can’t breathe damn it! The sweat stings my eyes and a single word is swirling inside my brain and it’s ready to erupt … Doom, Doom, DOOOOMMM … I tell ya.

Oh EJ, get a grip.

It’s not the end of the world.

Just because I received the first draft of my screenplay Black Serenade back from the harbingers of doom—I mean workshoppers—isn’t a reason to disintegrate to ash. No I am not a vampire. I am a writer who is worrying over nothing.

So what was the verdict?

Cut a couple of scenes.

Yeah, I knew that all ready.

The three main characters need their relationships developed.

I knew that too! But the good news is, talking and workshopping has helped me combat the problem.

Sentence structure.

That was a given. It’s a first draft.

The good news:

Don’t change the sequence, story isn’t a problem. Beginning, middle and end flow.

I got the three Gs. Gross, Gruesome and Gorgeous. I love those three Gs. I shall strive harder to get more of them.

See, workshopping isn’t so bad. All that gloom and doom for nothing—the panic. What panic? I was just working the tension. Alright. I know you know. Even though I have great workshoppers I still get the jitters. Sometimes I feel nauseous and other times I find myself holding my breath. But no matter how much constructive criticism I get, I move forward. I get over the nerves and decide which advice to follow, which advice to think about and which advice to ignore.

I’ve applied for a Mentorship program. Now that’s a reason to feel nervous. Wish me luck.

Signing out,

EJ McLaughlin.


2 thoughts on “Black Serenade Update:

  1. Pete Aldin says:

    Hoping that mentorship program pans out for ya!

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