About Me

I am a mother of two very tenacious, intelligent and highly inquisitive children. They have a selective hearing disability which only allows then to hear when I’m putting fingers to the keyboard but not when I telling them to clean their rooms. It astounds me that as soon as I type one letter they associate my writing with their stomachs.

I am a wife who has a husband who works hard, only to come home to a botched dinner but he still loves me.

I am a woman (my husband can vouch for that) who is passionate about writing and is grateful for being able to live longer than anticipated.

I am a writer who has a permanent room at the GGG & ALC Writers Asylum. (That’s stands for gruesome, gross and gorgeous, and a little bit crazy.)

I am a writer who believes that imagination is one of the most important tools for a fiction writer no matter what the genre. I firmly believe that if you work hard enough to set up a future in the writing business then success is on the way.

Enough about me.

Oh, P.S: I’ve had some short stories and articles published. I have four short screenplays in pre-production. I have finished my first novel and sent queries out to agents. I’m currently working on my next two novels.


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