Why This Blog?

Lets be honest. Writing a blog scares me more than any Richard Laymon or Graham Masterton novel. But it’s one of the best ways to get people (hopefully the write people) to get to know who E.J. McLaughlin is. It’s more than just a PR tool. It’s an insight into who I am as a writer, which is just as important as the other half of me–the family gal. It’s a way of regaining confidence and refreshing my love of horror, fantasy and science fiction through the tumultuous journey of my writing career. I want to share my experience, knowledge and horrors and most of all tell the entire world that I LOVE HORROR, watching it, reading it and writing it!


About Me

I am a mother of two very tenacious, intelligent and highly inquisitive children. They have a selective hearing disability which only allows then to hear when I’m putting fingers to the keyboard but not when I telling them to clean their rooms. It astounds me that as soon as I type one letter they associate my writing with their stomachs.

I am a wife who has a husband who works hard, only to come home to a botched dinner but he still loves me.

I am a woman (my husband can vouch for that) who is passionate about writing and is grateful for being able to live longer than anticipated.

I am a writer who has a permanent room at the GGG & ALC Writers Asylum. (That’s stands for gruesome, gross and gorgeous, and a little bit crazy.)

I am a writer who believes that imagination is one of the most important tools for a fiction writer no matter what the genre. I firmly believe that if you work hard enough to set up a future in the writing business then success is on the way.

Enough about me.

Oh, P.S: I’ve had some short stories and articles published. I have four short screenplays in pre-production. I have finished my first novel and sent queries out to agents. I’m currently working on my next two novels.